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Lost - The Complete Second Season - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Lost - The Complete Second Season (DVD, Region 1).

Lost - The Complete Second Season

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Geronimo Jackson Feature

From the setup menu, register DVD, to the left of the setup button, hover over the left of the records, select the half moon shape and a Geronimo Jackson album cover is revealed. From there, goto the bottom right of the album cover to where the bright piece of grass is and select it, you then get a 1min30 piece to camera discussing the group and album from members of the production team.


Disc 2: If you leave the main menu up for 2 "transitions" I'll call them, in the third one, The Others will walk by.

Bonus Feature:

Disc 4: Go to set-up. Then to "register your disc". Then press left, causing a record to pop out of the stack. Click it, you'll get to see the full cover of the Geronimo Jackson "Magna Carta" album. Click it, and you'll get a short clip detailing their history. (Thanks to SirStack). Right! Sorry. The video clip on the Geronimo Jackson doesn't seem to work on regular players, does it? Perhaps pressing some of the numbers on your remote will access it (since that always works for Simpsons' easter eggs). But the easy way is to use it on your computer in a DVD-Rom, and click on the bottom right of the album cover. A minute and a half featurette follows.

Bonus Feature:

Disc 7: Main page: there is a button above Phase 3 - it shows some info about the Dharma cookies.

Bonus Feature:

Disc 7: Phase 1: there is a button under Fire + Water next to Anatomy of an Episode - Dominic tells the Snowman joke.

Bonus Feature:

Disc 7: Phase 1: In 'Lost: On Location' Hit left twice on 'Everybody Hates Hugo' It's all about sweat (Thanks to Jamescush).


On disc 7 there is a button to the right of the return selection in the phase 2 menu it starts a short interview called "On The Beach With EVI"


Disc 7: Phase 1: 'S.O.S.' Hit left twice and the up. Sam Anderson hates heights.


Disc 7: Phase 2: there is a button to the right of Return - An interview with Evangeline.

Behind the Scenes:

Disc 7: Phase 2: in Deleted Scenes, there is a button to the right of Seeing Walt - shows Malcolm getting wet for a Shannon vision.

Production Art:

Disc 7: Phase 3: there is a button to the right of Secrets from the Hatch - Shows a still photo of the mural painting in the hatch.


Best Buy Bonus Disc: From scissors press left to go up to Good With Kids, press left again and then down to reveal a button on the other side of Scissors. See a Jack blooper.

Deleted Scene:

Best Buy Bonus Disc: From What Kate Did hit left twice to reveal a button. It's a deleted scene between Hurley and Rose.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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