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WWE Divas Undressed - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc WWE Divas Undressed (DVD, Region 1).

WWE Divas Undressed

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Bonus Clip:

From the main menu, choose the Extras section. In the Extras Section, highlight the Trish vs. Terri match. Once it's highlighted, press your Left button. This will take you to a somewhat raunchy Smackdown! segment featuring Jamie Noble and Nidia where Nidia puts Michael Cole on the spot.

Bonus Clip 2:

From the main menu, access the Extras section. Once in the "Extras" menu, highlight the Torrie vs Stacy match. When it's highlighted, press your Right button on your remote. This will take you to a catfight from Smackdown! between Nidia and Torrie Wilson backstage.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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