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David Blaine - Fearless - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc David Blaine - Fearless (DVD, Region 1).

David Blaine - Fearless

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Love for the DVD Credits

From the main menu screen go to 'Set Up' and press enter. Once on the set up menu, press DOWN once to highlight 'Main Menu' and press RIGHT to highlight an upside down heart to the right of the cards that will reveal the DVD credits.

Stunt Prep Short Documentary

To see a short documentary about the training for his next stunt, go to 'Archives' from the main menu. Once inside, press RIGHT from any one of the options to light up a heart on Blaine's forehead. Press enter to watch the fall!

Special Card Trick - Just For You!

From the main menu go to 'Archives.' Wait for about a minute and a half on that screen and after that time, the letters will all fade away and David's eyes will open. After this he explains to get a deck of cards and follow his instructions as he gives you a one-on-one card trick!

Blaine's Favorites

Right after you put the disc in the DVD player, watch the opening. DO NOT PRESS YOUR MENU BUTTON!! About 14 seconds into it, there are some eyes that appear in the bottom left part of the screen. Press DOWN at this time to see a list of Blaine's favorite books and stunts. Press enter once more to go to the main menu!

All easter eggs were generously submitted by BigCope2

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