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Wild Wild West - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Wild Wild West (DVD, Region 1).

Wild Wild West

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Accessible Featured Scenes

Go to the following Title and Chapters to view the corresponding featured scenes that are normally only accessible when the disc is used in a DVD-ROM drive in a PC: Will Smith and the Mallet stunt Title 20, Chapter 1 Barry and Will play fight Title 21, Chapter 1 Actors playing around on the set Title 22, Chapter 1 Kevin Kline becomes Grant Title 23, Chapter 1 Painting in the live pictures Title 24, Chapter 1 Elaborate sets Title 25, Chapter 1 Magnet collars and flying blade scene Title 26, Chapter 1 Will Smith's horse stunt Title 27, Chapter 1 The Tarantula and CGI Title 28, Chapter 1 The Bike-Plane, CGI, and concept art Title 29, Chapter 1

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Satelk

Behind the Scenes

The DVD-ROM bonus section “Artemus Gordon’s Mind Projection Theater” contains 10 behind-the-scenes video featurettes. However, these featurettes were encoded as DVD-Video titles, so they can be accessed via your set-top DVD player. By entering the corresponding DVD title number listed below, you can access these brief featurettes. (Each featurette runs between 1 and 3 minutes.) Title 20 - The Mallet Title 21 - The Broken Hand Title 22 - Just for Giggles Title 23 - Becoming President Grant Title 24 - The Art That Walked Away Title 25 - Loveless’ Mansion Title 26 - The Metal Collars Title 27 - The Stunt Double Title 28 - The Tarantula Title 29 - The Flying Wasp

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Davart

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