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Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Special Edition - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Special Edition (DVD, Region 4).

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Special Edition

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Valiant Files

OK, to see these eggs, insert the first disk into your DVD player. Go to "The Valiant Files". Once you get past the directions, there is an overview of Eddie's office. Select the drawer that is in the desk. You should see a couple pictures and a crumpled peice of paper. Select the paper. There are three numbers on it. Remember these numbers. Return to the overview of the office. Go to the safe on the left side of the screen (it has a fan on it). Enter the numbers. There is a surprise inside the safe! Also, go to the cheat sheet in "The Valiant Files" (it's the sheet of paper next to the lightbulb). Go to Character Development for Roger Rabbit. These are early ideas for what Roger should have looked like. There is a black-and-white drawing of Roger in a robe, or something to that effect. I believe it's the only black-and-white drawing in there. This same picture appears on the front page of the paper that reports Acme's death in the movie (although the caption calls the rabbit in the picture by a different name)! You can get a close-up view of it; the paper is on Valiant's desk in "The Valiant Files". The picture is on the far right side.

Original Theatrical Trailer

On Disc 1 at the main menu, go to "Movie Theatre", then press down four times, It should hilight louie's speedometer. Press enter to view the original theatrical trailer.

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All easter eggs were generously submitted by Jack Straw

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