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One From The Heart - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc One From The Heart (DVD, Region 2).

One From The Heart

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Behind the Scenes:

On disc 2 select "From the Vaults"/"Found Objects"/"This One's From The Heart Music Video". Once the promo video begins, select the play all option on your remote control - the eggs will play after the music video ends. The 1st egg is simply a brief clip of Francis Coppola on the Zoetrope lot bemoaning the fact that one very large prop - a life-size replica of the front of a passenger plane is to be taken away.

Behind the Scenes:

The 2nd egg, in two parts, features an 11 year-old Sophia Coppola speaking directly to camera, attempting to persuade people to come and see the film despite all the bad press. Afer the 2nd attempt, where she says the film's basically in a mess and is no masterpiece, her dad, unsurprisingly, expresses some reservations about her approach to movie promotion!

Behind the Scenes:

The 3rd egg is visual effects supervisor, Robert Swarthe, being interrupted by what he suspects is a car alarm during his explanation of how motion control photography was used in the film.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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