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Better Place, A: Special Edition - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Better Place, A: Special Edition (DVD, Region 1).

Better Place, A: Special Edition

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Big helium Dog trailer and second audio commentary

To access these easter eggs, first watch the movie all the way through once (or just access the last chapter and watch the end credits), then go to the "special thanks" screen. On the second special thanks screen, you are now able to highlight a few of the names in the special thanks. Highlight "The Pizza Guy" and you will be taken to a hidden menu called "Loopholes" where you can access the trailer for the hysterical movie "Big Helium Dog" and a second audio commentary for A Better Place, this time with the members of the previous commentary drunk out of their gourds.

Color Bars

Click on the color bars. Let them play for about 15-20 seconds and you will view a hidden montage of outtakes and deleted scenes.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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