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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam - Extended Edition
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam - Extended Edition (DVD, NR)

Directed By: Paul Hoen
Starring: Demi Lovato, Jasmine Richards
Region: 1
Released: Sep-7-2010
Run Time: 104 minutes

Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Buy Me Love (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating:
3.423.423.423.423.423.423.423.423.423.42 (1 vote)

Directed By: Steve Rash
Starring: Seth Green, Patrick Dempsey
Region: 1
Released: Aug-13-2002
Run Time: 94 minutes

Can't Hardly Wait
Can't Hardly Wait (DVD, PG-13)

Directed By: Harry Elfant
Starring: Seth Green, Ethan Embry
Region: 1
Released: Nov-17-1998
Run Time: 101 minutes

Captain Ron
Captain Ron (DVD, PG-13)

Directed By: Thom Eberhardt
Starring: Mary Kay Place, Kurt Russell
Region: 1
Released: Sep-3-2002
Run Time: 99 minutes

Care Bears Movie II: New Generation
Care Bears Movie II: New Generation (DVD, G)

Directed By: Dale Schott
Starring: Cree Summer, Chris Wiggins
Region: 1
Released: Apr-8-2003
Run Time: 76 minutes

Care Bears Movie, The
Care Bears Movie, The (DVD, G)

Directed By: Arna Selznick
Starring: Jayne Eastwood, Eva Almos
Region: 1
Released: Aug-6-2002
Run Time: 76 minutes

Care Bears: Nutcracker
Care Bears: Nutcracker (DVD, Not Rated)

Directed By: Jim Simon
Starring: Melleny Brown, Bob Dermer
Region: 1
Released: Nov-7-2006
Run Time: 61 minutes

Carol Christmas, A
Carol Christmas, A (DVD, Not Rated)
Average Rating:
8.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.36 (1 vote)

Directed By: Matthew Irmas
Starring: Nina Siemaszko, Tori Spelling
Region: 1
Released: Nov-8-2005
Run Time: 85 minutes

Carpool (DVD, PG)

Directed By: Arthur Hiller
Starring: Rod Steiger, Tom Arnold
Region: 1
Released: Feb-10-2004
Run Time: 90 minutes

Carrie: Special Edition
Carrie: Special Edition (DVD, R)

Directed By: Brian De Palma
Starring: Piper Laurie, Sissy Spacek
Region: 1
Released: Aug-28-2001
Run Time: 98 minutes

Cars (Fullscreen)
Cars (Fullscreen) (DVD, G)

Directed By: John Lasseter
Starring: Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt
Region: 1
Released: Nov-7-2006
Run Time: 116 minutes

Cartoon Network Christmas
Cartoon Network Christmas (DVD, Not Rated)

Directed By: cartoon network
Starring: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Johnny Bravo
Region: 1
Released: Oct-5-2004
Run Time: 100 minutes

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