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8 Mile (Widescreen)
8 Mile (Widescreen) (DVD, R)
Average Rating:
7.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.79 (4 votes)

Directed By: Curtis Hanson
Starring: Eminem, Kim Basinger
Region: 1
Released: Mar-18-2003
Run Time: 111 minutes

9 songs - Unrated Edited Version
9 songs - Unrated Edited Version (DVD, Not Rated)
Average Rating:
7.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.41 (1 vote)

Directed By: Michael Winterbottom
Starring: Kieran O'Brien, Margo Stilley
Region: 1
Released: Nov-22-2005
Run Time: N/A

Adventures of Sebastian Cole, The
Adventures of Sebastian Cole, The (DVD, R)

Directed By: Tod Williams
Starring: Margaret Colin, Clark Gregg
Region: 1
Released: Mar-21-2000
Run Time: 99 minutes

Alexander - Director's Cut (2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition)
Alexander - Director's Cut (2-Disc Widescreen Special Edition) (DVD, R)
Average Rating: (2 votes)

Directed By: Oliver Stone
Starring: Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins
Region: 1
Released: Aug-2-2005
Run Time: 167 minutes

Amores Perros
Amores Perros (DVD, R)

Directed By: Alejandro González Iñárritu
Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal, Emilio Echevarria
Region: 1
Released: Apr-27-2004
Run Time: 153 minutes

Basic Instinct
Basic Instinct (DVD, 18)
Average Rating:
7.987.987.987.987.987.987.987.987.987.98 (1 vote)

Directed By: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: George Dzundza, Michael Douglas
Region: 2
Released: Jun-5-2003
Run Time: 122 minutes

Bend It Like Beckham (Widescreen)
Bend It Like Beckham (Widescreen) (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating:
6.656.656.656.656.656.656.656.656.656.65 (1 vote)

Directed By: Gurinder Chadha
Starring: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Parminder K. Nagra
Region: 1
Released: Sep-30-2003
Run Time: 112 minutes

Big Fish
Big Fish (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating:
8.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.36 (4 votes)

Directed By: Tim Burton
Starring: Billy Crudup, Ewan McGregor
Region: 1
Released: Apr-27-2004
Run Time: 125 minutes

Birdcage, The
Birdcage, The (DVD, R)

Directed By: Mike Nichols
Starring: Gene Hackman, Robin Williams
Region: 1
Released: Sep-3-1997
Run Time: 119 minutes

Blue Crush (Widescreen)
Blue Crush (Widescreen) (DVD, PG-13)

Directed By: John Stockwell
Starring: Michelle Rodriguez, Matthew Davis
Region: 1
Released: Jan-14-2003
Run Time: 105 minutes

Bodyguard, The
Bodyguard, The (DVD, 15)

Directed By: Mick Jackson
Starring: Kevin Costner, Whitney Houston
Region: 2
Released: Sep-27-1999
Run Time: 124 minutes

Bowling For Columbine
Bowling For Columbine (DVD, R)
Average Rating: (2 votes)

Directed By: Michael Moore
Starring: Charlton Heston, Marilyn Manson
Region: 1
Released: Aug-19-2003
Run Time: 119 minutes

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