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Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition)
Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition) (DVD, PG-13)

Directed By: Thomas Carter
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Ray Baker
Region: 1
Released: Jun-21-2005
Run Time: 136 minutes

Color of Money, The
Color of Money, The (DVD, R)

Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Paul Newman, Tom Cruise
Region: 1
Released: Jun-24-2003
Run Time: 118 minutes

Constant Gardener, The (Widescreen Edition)
Constant Gardener, The (Widescreen Edition) (DVD, R)
Average Rating:
7.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.797.79 (1 vote)

Directed By: Fernando Meirelles
Starring: Danny Huston, Ralph Fiennes
Region: 1
Released: Jan-10-2006
Run Time: 129 minutes

Constantine (Widescreen)
Constantine (Widescreen) (DVD, R)

Directed By: Francis Lawrence
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz
Region: 1
Released: Jul-19-2005
Run Time: 121 minutes

Count Of Monte Cristo, The
Count Of Monte Cristo, The (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating:
9.319.319.319.319.319.319.319.319.319.31 (1 vote)

Directed By: Kevin Reynolds
Starring: Guy Pearce, Richard Harris
Region: 1
Released: Aug-7-2001
Run Time: 131 minutes

Cowboy Way, The
Cowboy Way, The (DVD, PG-13)

Directed By: Gregg Champion
Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Dylan McDermott
Region: 1
Released: Nov-17-1998
Run Time: 107 minutes

Crash (Widescreen Edition)
Crash (Widescreen Edition) (DVD, R)
Average Rating:
8.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.36 (2 votes)

Directed By: Paul Haggis
Starring: Sandra Bullock, William Fichtner
Region: 1
Released: Sep-6-2005
Run Time: 122 minutes

Crossing Guard, The
Crossing Guard, The (DVD, R)

Directed By: Sean Penn
Starring: Robin Wright Penn, Jack Nicholson
Region: 1
Released: Nov-16-1999
Run Time: 111 minutes

Daddy Day Care
Daddy Day Care (DVD, PG)
Average Rating:
7.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.417.41 (2 votes)

Directed By: Steve Carr
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Anjelica Huston
Region: 1
Released: Sep-23-2003
Run Time: 92 minutes

Dangerous Minds
Dangerous Minds (DVD, R)
Average Rating:
7.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.607.60 (1 vote)

Directed By: John N. Smith
Starring: George Dzundza, Michelle Pfeiffer
Region: 1
Released: Jul-29-2003
Run Time: 99 minutes

Dave Chappelle's Block Party
Dave Chappelle's Block Party (DVD, NR)

Directed By: Michel Gondry
Starring: Dave Chappelle, Erykah Badu
Region: 1
Released: Jun-13-2006
Run Time: 110 minutes

Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen)
Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen) (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating:
5.705.705.705.705.705.705.705.705.705.70 (11 votes)

Directed By: Roland Emmerich
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid
Region: 1
Released: Oct-12-2004
Run Time: 123 minutes

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